• Image of Working with the sacred energy of The Mermaid~ ebb and flow with feminine energy
  • Image of Working with the sacred energy of The Mermaid~ ebb and flow with feminine energy

All Crystals have healing and aligning properties

Work with the energy of "The Mermaid"
This One of A kind custom piece is imbued and custom created with crystals which support and encourage Mermaid Energy <3

Symbolic Mermaid Meanings

Naturally, mermaid meaning and symbolism also deals with love as they are frequently associated with love goddesses like Aphrodite/Venus. They are also affiliated with sea goddesses like Amphitrites, Tethys, Calypso and the Norse sea goddess, Rán. Mermaids are also aligned with Undines, those pervasive spirits of all waters in the world.

Sexually tantalizing and devastatingly lovely, mermaids are perfect pinups for feminine (yin) power. This is quite nice, as mermaids also represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence (they can never be contained and frequently avoid settling).

Mermaids are often depicted holding combs (made of fish bones) - this is an ancient nautical symbol of power over nature as sailors believed fish bones could divine or control storms at sea. They are also shown holding mirrors in art - a symbol of the moon which speaks of a reflective nature (maybe symbolic of self-admiration too).
Far from vain, mermaids are elusive and rarely seen - this could be taken for modesty - but I like to think their scarcity is due to shrewd discernment. They know the hearts of man, and are legendary for only appearing to the true of heart.
When they are seen, it is in the light of the moon (which they hold sacred) or between the hours of dawn and dusk. These are magical times - when sight and perception becomes fuzzied in mellow whirlpools dawn/dusk glows. This is symbolic of perfect timing to create magic in our lives - by relaxing our vision and letting go of our grip a bit - we come up to show ourselves drenched in the glow of truly magical color.