• Image of Custom Made Crystal Healing Piece including a personal consultation via email

I am pleased to announce my new offering of a Custom Made Crystal Healing Piece made especially for you ~

This includes one indepth consultation via email to discuss health issues, body pain, limitations, and area's in your life where you would like to see movement in a positive flow.

All Crystals hold aligning and healing properties and when used or worn will provide alignment and healing to your body and forward momentum for your life.

You can choose to tell me as much or as little as you like ~ The Divine will show me what you need ~ even if you may not know it yourself. I will also share with you about each crystal and it's placement in your healing piece. I will give you a detailed description and methodology. I will also share with you how to clean and recharge your healing piece.

There will not be a reproduction of your special healing piece ~ This is a limited edition custom jewelry piece ~It will be a one of a kind treasure for you to keep as a reminder of your healing <3.

How this process works:

Please purchase the Custom Made Crystal Healing Piece and I will contact you via message here and you will provide me with a valid email and I will send you a confirmation email and a few questions to begin our healing personal consultation. We will also talk about what kind of jewelry piece would work for you and be the most essential for you. I will wait for your email and respond to your concerns and issues and begin the process of creating your Custom Made Healing Piece. As you can see some of the beautiful jewelry creations I have created this piece will be channeled directly from the Divine to you. I then clear and clean and program and charge your healing piece and bless it. i will send you a photo of the piece to view and then send your healing piece off to you! The whole process should not take longer than 1 week and another week to process your custom made piece.

About me:
I am an empowerment life journey coach and teacher, I lead shamanic empowerment journey workshops and goddess workshops, including goddess rites of passage all over the United States. In my healing practice, I use Shamanic Energy Healing and Mind/Body Connection. My passion is allowing others to see their limitless potential in understanding that they are creators of their reality. By understanding this it will dispel illusion and empower their now and future creations. Through my teaching and intuitive healing ability my clients express a deeper knowledge of self and their connection to their divinity and health bringing them greater empowerment. I have been trained in the White Space Clearing Method, which works on a deep subconscious level to reach core wounds and stuck energy which produce patterns and programs and help you to re-establish new belief systems. I have 20 years experience in law enforcement and public service with the Chicago Police Department. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, master in energy and chakra alignment, and use shamanic journeying with the subtle energy of crystals in my sessions. At an early age, I was taught indigenous shamanistic practices by my grandmother and continue to build on this knowledge. I am the founder and executive director of Chicago Center for Life Management and Divine Authentic Beauty/Crystal Chakra healing and aligning jewelry. I am the founder of Passage Into Power in Chicago, IL and teach and lead workshops at both Passage Into Power and Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park, IL